Sandra Acevedo Hanns

Engaged with the San Francisco communities since 1998

Thank you for visiting!

It is a pleasure to have you explore my site. There is little to see but much to learn about my professional experience.
Below, there is a true sense of who I am as a human being and my passion in making a difference as my journey in life.

From Santiago, Chile, San Francisco has been my home since 1981 and in Marin County since 1998. 

Some of my favorite things in life are:
Connecting with people, classical ballet, Salsa dancing, painting, jewelry making, exploring the world, empowering people and creating leaders in the community to make a difference.

The simple things in my life that I appreciate are:
A time with family, a green juice with lots of lemon, laughing with friends about our good times together, a breath of fresh air and the sound of the ocean, tiny wild flowers, the sounds of birds in my backyard and a cup of tea with almond milk.  [smile]

I have created this page, specially, for people to know more about me, my work experience and the work I've done in our communities.
It is common to read about a professional's experience. To me, it is important for people to learn the authenticity in one's journey as a growing experience in their professional careers and what's real in the journey so called life.

How things have transitioned and what I am doing now, it has been an amazing journey!

I started in 2005 creating my own passion. First I discovered that I wanted to see all people united in oneness on Earth. And One World One Voice was created as a non profit for Peace and Sustainability. In addition, being part of the board for different organizations, allow me to meet amazing people.
After OWOV, together with Douglas Kolberg, we founded and produced Earth Day San Francisco in 2010. We invited many others as part of the founding team. It was great being engaged with the sustainable community, meeting leaders and learning about organizations committed to a healthy world.

In 2011, I started iGreen Media Group. My intention was to promote green businesses for people to choose healthy products for themselves and their families.
Through media, television delivers to masses. I produced iGreenTV promoting April Earth Month and aired on Channel 4 KRON. Building audiences and finding sponsors to support the project was a challenge. So, I moved to create a digital magazine, iGreenWoman. It has been highly rewarding giving committed green business owners a space to share their stories, commitments and passions.

In my first years at Earth Day SF, I moderated women panels about toxicity, I brought youth leaders to speak about sustainability, I created Green Voices Bay Area together with Michael Levine to acknowledge people in the community about bringing sustainability to the schools and our communities, and I got to see and appreciate sustainability in fashion.  
Amazingly, the fashion producer suggested going to go to the NY Fashion Week with iGreen Media Group. I found an opportunity for me to promote the magazine and at the same time, to learn how NY was doing Fashion Week so I could bring it to the West Coast and, the seed was planted.
Today, San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week is happening from September 26 to the 28th in the City.
The work continues and many other projects are in the making. A team of professionals and committed individuals including interns and volunteers, we all have created the platform for the artists in the sustainable fashion industry that together, we are contributing to the transition to sustainable fashion as the future of the fashion industry for the health of future generations.

I am hopeful for what we will create together.
I do trust that humanity is waking up to be known as one that makes a difference.
I envision a planet that provides and sustain life for all.
In the meantime, working to create what's important to us, is the beginning.

All in all, I am interested and committed to contribute to preserve our planet and the environment, people's culture and, I envision and work for future generations living healthy and vibrant lives.

Join me in building a thriving future for all.

Thank you!

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